Over our many years of service in Troup County and Surrounding Areas, All Star Heating & Air has seen the impact of insufficient levels of insulation.  Unfortunately, many homes suffer this problem, needlessly wasting energy and spending more on utility bills every month.  The solution is quick, simple, and quickly pays for itself.  Call on the experts from All Star Heating & Air, and we’ll inspect the level and integrity of your insulation.  A minimum insulation rating of R38 is necessary for proper protection from the heat, translating into approximately 12 to 18 inches of fiberglass batting or brown cellulose fiber insulation.

Professional Attic Insulation Service for Your Home

The licensed and certified technicians from All Star Heating & Air address your specific situation with quality materials, proven procedures, and a long-term solution.  We install blown cellulose fiber insulation as an environmentally responsible and more effective option than conventional fiberglass insulation.  Blown cellulose fiber insulation is made from recycled materials, and effectively fills and seals crevices, corners, and hard to access areas.  If your existing insulation has been damaged due to rodent infestation, we recommend removal.  We will also determine if your attic should be sealed to ensure an airtight barrier.  Proper sealing protects against outside air entering your living space, lessening stress on HVAC equipment, and controlling costs of conditioning.

Call on All Star Heating & Air to help you achieve your goals for a healthier, more efficient, and comfortable home.  We provide cost-saving options, and handle all projects quickly, neatly, and to higher standards of excellence.  All Star Heating & Air is the leading provider of attic insulation across LaGrange, GA, Columbus, GA, Valley, AL, Newnan, GA, Hogansville, GA & Peach Tree City, GA.