As a Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, All Star Heating & Air offers an exciting range of solutions for managing your indoor environment. Whether the right answer for your schedule and requirements is a WiFi thermostat with energy reporting, or a more basic thermostat, we meet your specifications with the ideal product and provide quick and accurate installation.  Our experienced technicians are happy to explain options, make recommendations, and familiarize you with operation and features.

Enjoy the convenience of a new thermostat installation!

Consider Evolution Connex Control for greater access, ease of management, and energy saving opportunities that will quickly recover your investment.

  • User-friendly, full-color touch screen design
  • Photo screensaver upload
  • Intelligent programming for round-the-clock energy savings
  • WiFi connectivity for easy adjustment from virtually anywhere
  • Perfect Heat technology avoids temperature fluctuations
  • Perfect Humidity technology enhances cooling performance
  • Hybrid Heat system control
  • Compatible with your humidifier, ventilator, and air purifier
  • Four levels of fan speed control, programmable by period
  • Programming based on your lifestyle, whether you’re at home, away, or asleep
  • Automatic and seamless transfer between heating and cooling
  • Air filter change alerts
  • Maintenance reminders
  • Manage up to 8 individual zones
  • Online tutorial
  • Ten-year parts limited warranty with product registration

Some Thermostats We Offer:

This thermostat is about more than giving you remote access. It’s about helping you save money on energy through advances in programming design, smart recovery and energy use reporting. You can see when you’re spending the most on energy and tailor your settings to save. And, when you’re not home, this thermostat will work to heat or cool the most efficient way possible for your system type and brand.

Reliably installed by you, the Bryant dealer, the smart Housewise thermostat can offer both convenience and energy savings. And that’s just the beginning. The Housewise thermostat also features a small, attractive design, easy-to-use interface, real-time energy monitoring, and on-the-go connectivity. With the Bryant Housewise thermostat, it’s ok to be a little square.

Whole-home comfort at the push of a button – well, there aren’t really buttons, it’s more like whole-home comfort at the touch of a screen. While it may not have the same ring, you can count on the complete control of your home comfort that comes from the Evolution® Connex™ Control.